In addition to cost effective instrumentation, user-friendly software, and convenient systems for electrochemical experimentation, Pine Research Instrumenation provides some electrochemical-based laboratory handouts. These have been developed by electrochemists from Pine Research Instrumentation (in some cases taking cue from the literature) and written as a helpful tool for instructors of electrochemistry. These labs would be applicable to several chemistry courses, such as:

  • general chemistry
  • inorganic chemistry lab
  • quantitative analysis (analytical chemistry lab)
  • instrumental analysis lab
  • physical chemistry lab
  • environmental chemistry lab

Certainly, they might find practicality in other natural science fields outside of chemistry.

All labs provided utilize the compact voltammetry cell kit.  The Compact Voltammetry Cell Kit is exceptionally matched to the Pine Research WaveNow series potentiostat, but with the included generic cable, can be used with any existing potentiostat.

Electrochemical-Enzymatic Determination of Glucose in Beverages

Electrochemical Analysis of Acetaminophen in a Common Pain Relief Medication

Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Determination of Lead in Tap Water

Exploring Faraday’s Law Using Inexpensive Screen-Printed Electrodes