Why can’t I load a file, assembly ‘sorttbls.nlp’ or one of its dependencies


Possible Causes

This problem isn’t anything unique to Aftermath. Google that error and find many results:

It seems this message is caused by some missing part(s) of Microsoft .NET libraries. Aftermath v1.0.nnnn-v1.3.nnnn requires .NET v2 and checking for that is part of the installation. However, if some small piece of .NET 2 has gone missing, there’s no way we can detect that.

Possible Solutions

Apparently MS .NET must be uninstalled and reinstalled:

  • Go to “Add or Remove Programs” in the WinXP “Control Panel” (or similar applet in other Windows versions)
  • Uninstall Aftermath
  • Uninstall all versions of Microsoft .NET, starting with the newest (greatest) version and working towards the oldest
  • Reboot the computer

and then:

  • Reinstall MS .NET v2, this is located on the installation cd/media or from our website directly or the MS website: Click Here
  • Don’t worry about .NET v1 or v1.1 that should be taken care of by the v2 installer
  • If needed, other versions of .NET >2 can probably be found somewhere on the MS website.
  • Reboot the computer
  • Reinstall Aftermath