This AfterMath software module includes support for performing hydrodynamic voltammetry (rotating disk electrode, rotating cylinder electrode) and a large number of other popular electroanalytical techniques on the WaveNow, WaveNano, and WaveNowXV potentiostat systems.

Potential Sweep Methods

Potential Step Methods

Galvanostatic Methods

Cyclic Step (Charge/Discharge) Methods

  • Cyclic Step Chronoamperometry (CSCA), capable of charge/discharge under potentiostatic control
  • Cyclic Step Chronopotentiometry (CSCP), capable of charge/discharge under galvanostatic control

Passive Methods

Additional Resources

Potential Pulse Methods

Stripping Voltammetry

Hydrodynamic Methods

Note: Control of the rotation rate by the potentiostat requires a special cable (click here for details).

  • Koutecky-Levich RDE Series (KL-RDE), acquires series of rotating disk voltammograms at various rotation rates
  • Rotating Disk Electrolysis (BE-RDE), supports constant voltage, constant current, or open circuit measurements
  • Rotating Disk Chronopotentiometry (CP-RDE), galvanostatic control of a rotating disk electrode
  • Rotating Disk Ramp Chronopotentiometry (CRP-RDE), includes Rotating Disk Cyclic Chronopotentiometry

Part Numbers

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This module is assigned the following Pine Part #: ASTPB01. The following description was given to it: AfterMath General and Hydrodynamic Electroanalytical Methods (WaveNow/WaveNano single instrument license)