This article is part of the Pine WaveDriver Potentiostat User's Guide

Cell Cable Description

The front panel of the WaveDriver has a large cell connection port. This port presents several signal, shield, and grounding lines for the working, counter, and reference electrode connections. It is important to understand that some of the signal lines are low impedance DRIVE lines and others are high impedance SENSE lines. In general, the DRIVE lines are used to drive current through the electrochemical cell while the SENSE lines are used to measure potential at various electrodes. Very little charge flows through the high impedance SENSE lines.

The cell cable breaks out the various cell port connections to shielded coaxial cables which terminate at stackable banana plugs. Alligator clipsthat slide on to the banana plugs are included. The banana plugs are color coded according to the standard PRI electrode color scheme shown below.


Color Code Key for Electrode Connections

acp2e01_cable_kit.jpg acp2e05_cable_kit.jpg

WaveDriver 20 Bipotentiostat Cell Cable (left) and WaveDriver 10 Potentiostat Cell Cable (right)

Front Panel Cell Port

This cell port on the front panel is a female “combination D-sub connector” containing seven (7) coaxial connectors and seventeen (17) pin sockets. The coaxial connectors each have driven shields to protect the inner signal pin, and only six of the seven coaxial connectors are used. The pinout diagram for the coaxial connectors is shown below. Note that one of the pin sockets provides a connection to the analog ground.


The combination D-sub female socket (female) on the front panel is a “24W7” type connector. This means it has 24 total connections with seven of these twenty-four connections being coaxial connections. It is designed to mate with the plug (male) on the cell cable. Pine offers cell cables that fit into this socket, but customers wishing to make their own cable can consult major electronics suppliers to obtain the necessary parts and tools.

Ordering Information

Part numbers for various items in this cell cable kit are provided below.

Part Number – Description
ACP2E05 – WaveDriver 10 Cell Cable (counter, reference, working sense & drive, signal ground)
ACP2E01 – WaveDriver 20 Cell Cable (same as ACP2E05 but also includes sense & drive lines for secondary working electrode)
THCLIP – This is the alligator clip that slides on to a banana plug

Customers wishing to purchase parts and tools for making a custom cell cable may find the following link useful:

http://www.google.com/?q=3024W7PCM99A10X (a general search for related parts)