The upcoming Fall MRS Meeting in Boston will certainly not disappoint the electrochemical science crowd.  It is exciting to see how extensive the use of electrochemistry has become for the materials sciences areas, namely those in energy transfer, storage, and conversion and in materials characterization and production.

Whether researchers are measuring open circuit potential, charge transfer resistance, impedance, or current density, electrochemical instrumentation is likely a critical tool used in the research that will be presented.  Check out the breadth of electrochemistry during the following symposia:

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Certainly, electrochemistry and use of electrochemical instrumentation permeate the symposia and has become a foundational tool in the world of materials.  Pine Research is very excited to be participating in the exhibition at MRS.  If you have not visited with us in a while, please be sure to stop by our booth.  We have recently launched the new WaveDriver 200 Integrated Bipotentiostat with EIS.  Included with the instrument is our software, AfterMath, which we are regularly updating with new and novel content – especially for those of you interested in easier, more versatile, and less-complicated EIS circuit fitting.  One of these novel updates is the incorporation of Circuit Sliders into Circuit Fit.  See it in action at the Pine Research booth at MRS.  See you soon in Boston!