In 2019, Pine Research supported an excellent organic electrosynthesis workshop at The University of Wisconsin – Madison, where the extremely talented Shannon Stahl lab developed a two-day lecture and hands-on laboratory experience on the topic.  In this pilot year, where students, post-docs, and faculty from UW-Madison were encouraged to attend, over 90 attendees enjoyed lectures by Dr. Shannon Stahl and Dr. Mohammad Rafiee.  The Stahl lab team developed excellent laboratory exercises aimed at providing the organic chemist real-world experience in using electrochemistry as a tool in their organic syntheses.  By using many Pine Research products, attendees left feeling more focused and aware of what is possible by electrosynthesis.

Due to the success and interest in this workshop, the Stahl lab is again offering it in 2020.  Pine Research will continue to support the workshop and provide instrumentation this year.  Space is limited, so be sure to register to save your seat!

This 2.5-day course is designed to provide an introduction to the theory and practice of organic electrochemistry. The time will be divided into lecture presentations, covering theory and applications of organic electrochemistry, and laboratory exercises that provide participants with hands-on experience in bulk electrolysis/electrosynthesis and analytical electrochemistry techniques. This interactive workshop-style event seeks to create a community experience fostering connections that will extend beyond the course and promote broader use of electrochemistry by organic chemists.

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