Every year, hundreds of researchers gather at the campus of University of Texas at Austin in a two-day symposium, known as CEC (Center for Electrochemistry) Workshop.  These researchers are passionate about electrochemistry and its many areas of applications: for example, chemical sensors, batteries, photosynthesis, corrosion, catalysis, electroplating, and environment.Electrochemical technology advancement requires a fundamental understanding of electrode kinetics, particularly electron transfer kinetics.  Chemists can control the rate of electron transfer through by using new materials or new manufacturing processes.

The 2018 CEC Workshop will be held on February 10-11 (http://cec.cm.utexas.edu/electrochemistry-workshop-2018), focusing on three topics: environment, batteries, and electrocatalysis.  Featured in this year’s symposium will be the following well-known scientists:

Environment Session:

Brian Chaplin, University of Illinois at Chicago

Stuart Licht, George Washington University

Ryan Gilliam, Chemetry Corp.

Batteries Session:

John Goodenough, The University of Texas at Austin

Andrew Gewirth, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Linda Nazar, University of Waterloo

Electrocatalysis Session:

Hector Abruna, Cornell University

Hyun S. Ahn, Yonsei University

Charles T. Campbell, University of Washington

Bruce Dunn, University of California Los Angeles

Pine Research is known worldwide for their research-grade instrumentation required used for rotating electrode experiments.  Electrochemists use rotating electrodes to control the mass transport to the electrode surface, which helps reveal kinetic processes at the electrode surface.  As mentioned previously, understanding electrode kinetics is a fundamental aspect in numerous electrochemical applications.

This year, the Pine Research exhibit table will highlight a new rotator, the WaveVortex 10.  WaveVortex 10 is the latest electrode rotator from Pine Research.  It features a shorter shaft for more stable rotation, a magnetic shield for reduced electrical noise, a small footprint for portability, and an attractive and competitive price point.  Stop by during the poster session on Saturday (5:30 – 8:00 pm, Feb. 10) and talk to Dr. Li Sun who will be answering questions about this new rotator.