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Current Release Version

Our Software Engineering Team has designated the following release version of AfterMath to be the most current full release version. Download and install this version if new to AfterMath.

Current AfterMath Release

1.6.10523 (32-bit, x86)
Released: 12 Apr 2022

Release Notes

Fix area tool for CV cathodic segments.

Show peak position by default in peak height tools.

Enable circuit simulation in all relevant contexts.

Fix discrepancy between individual LPR Baseline Tools and the LPR-vs-t plot when sample area is specified.

Fix uninitialized strings.

Improve experiment failure handling.

Increase estimated duration of EIS experiments to reduce occurrence of timeouts.

Fix for EIS-POT conditioning period failure.

Reduce the duration of EIS experiments.

Add support for new models.

Fix for multibyte language logging.

Fix for phase axis on live Bode plotting.

Fix for spooled experiment data recovery.

Legacy Product Support

We continue to provide support for legacy software (PineChem) and our legacy instruments (e.g., AFCBP1 Bipotentiostat). We have moved legacy product support to its own knowledgebase page.

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The latest 1.3.nnnn and 1.4.nnnn versions (new) of AfterMath use a data file format that is not backwards-compatible with any 1.2.nnnn or earlier version (old). Archive files saved to disk by old versions can be opened by new versions; however, data files saved to disk by new versions cannot be opened by old versions. We suggest that all computers using AfterMath should be updated to new versions ore all remain at old versions.


AfterMath requires that certain Microsoft redistributable libraries and third-party device drivers be installed on your system. The Aftermath installation process will verify that the proper version of Microsoft libraries are installed and prompt you to download them if necessary; however, it cannot detect which device drivers should be installed. Only the original installation media shipped with the instrument can automatically install the correct device drivers.

All Versions

Here we present all versions of AfterMath, including Beta (not yet fully released) and archived (older) downloads. We suggest the Current Release Version in most cases.

Archived (Earlier) Releases

These releases have previously been made available. Select an archived version from the list below. Use search field (above) to search release notes from all archived releases.

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1.6.10515 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 7 May 2021

Release Notes

LPR Mass Loss and Penetration Rate plots can be displayed live during experiment

1.6.10514 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 6 Jan 2021

Release Notes

Fixes for DECV (missing segment boundaries in collection mode, incorrect offsets when vs OCP).  Also adds explicit dual-electrode OCP (DOCP) method

1.6.10513 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 18 Nov 2020

Release Notes

Initial WaveNow Wireless support

1.5.9888 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 15 May 2020

Release Notes

Fixed missing rows from exported data

Fixed intermittent firmware update procedure issues

Added new option for stopping the current experiment immediately but also continuing with the next queued experiment

Added minor performance improvement for live experiment view

1.5.9885 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 10 Sep 2019

Release Notes

Fix unlocked pore depth in Transmission Line for user circuits.

Fix disabled “Save” button on Transmission Line editor when changing only lock status.

Fix EIS data import by sorting by descending frequency.

Fix units for Mott-Schottky tool results.

Fix copying a circuit fit analysis (loss of solver method and weighting).

Fix adding a tool or performing a transform from the archive tree context menu.

Fix initial rotation rate “blip” on WaveNow and WaveNano.

Fix labels and units for galvanostatic DECV specification dialog.

Fix the Experiment End Trigger for “charge” selection.

Change Mott-Schottky (EIS-MOTT) technique default temperature to Celsius.

Enhance Transmission Line fitting (eg for series and parallel).

Remove requirement for analog rotators to have a permissions (license) file.

1.5.9807 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 9 Aug 2019

Release Notes

Add save/discard parameter to EIS inter-frequency settling data.

Add signal reference option (vs OCP) to LSV parameters.

Add “as displayed” option for units during data export.

Add prompt for Mott-Schottky parameters during import

Add display of mouse cursor position on a plot.

Add navigation of live plots.

Add “zoom window” mouse mode on plots.

Fix rotator running at end of single-iteration LPR.

Fix orthonormal plotting issues.

Improve AC circuit fitting GUI (auto-select custom weighting if non-integral weight entered).

Improve EIS phase and magnitude measurements.

1.5.9644 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 19 Mar 2019

Release Notes

Fix GUI issues on Windows 10 high-DPI devices

Fix OCP issues

Add support for WaveDriver 100

1.5.9622 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 1 Mar 2019

Release Notes

Improve firmware update process

1.5.9608 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 27 Feb 2019

Release Notes

Fixed bulk circuit fit

1.5.9606 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 6 Feb 2019

Release Notes

Improve memory management an performance

Add AC circuit simulation

Add bulk circuit fit

Change EIS parameters for WaveDriver200

Improve cable capacitance measurement failures

Increase WaveNow script length (from 5010 elements to 6143)

Fix extreme lag when selecting a user-defined circuit for circuit fit

Fix missing per-iteration OCP plots in rotating LPR methods

Fix for OCP range-change problems

Fix for overwriting aftermath version information on every completed experiment with the then-running version when saving an archive

Fix failure during transform after pasting data columns

Fix LPR resistance calculation by computing the slope for I vs E data (rather than E vs I data)

Fix for intermittent display problems (eg selecting an instrument does not update the display)

Fix for transmission line analysis always prompting for template selection

Fix for data order on plots duplicated from circuit fit analysis

1.5.9568 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 20 Dec 2018

Release Notes

Add additional software filtering for WaveNow, WaveNano, and WaveNowXV

Fix failure to open an archive from the file system (by way of the file extension association mechanism)

Fix truncated text on plots

Fix “missing instrument” during firmware update

Fix issues with OCP during LPR vs time technique

1.5.9551 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 5 Dec 2018

Release Notes

Add rejecting bad cell cable capacitance measurement values

Add preventing user from running an EIS experiment without a known cell calibration

Add updating WaveNow, WaveNano, and WaveNowXV firmware from Aftermath

Fix “no available axis” when adding traces to plots

Fix live monitor for Avantes spectrometer

1.5.9509 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 23 Oct 2018

Release Notes

Fix opening archive files via double-click in Windows file explorer

Fix potential failures for LPR experiment if wait period between iterations is zero

Fix memory leak when using Simplex method for user defined circuits

Fix random permanent halt of the experiment post-processing

Fix wrong labels on some DECV axes

Fix CSCA/CSCP triggering for WaveDrivers. Symptom was data samples with both E and I of zero

Add orthonormal plotting

Improve user defined circuit initial fit by taking the upper and lower limits into consideration

1.5.9432 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 20 Sep 2018

Release Notes

Add support for WaveDriver 200 and WaveDriver 40 potentiostats

Add EIS techniques

Add EIS data fitting

Expand plotting options

1.4.8863 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 21 Aug 2017

Release Notes

Add log plotting

Fix for spectroscopy live plotting, specification auditing, and unused data discard

Fix Tafel plot math

1.4.8245 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 18 Jul 2016

Release Notes

Add control of potentiostat ranges to idle and post-experiment settings

Add new plot data transforms and improve existing ones

Change alpha timing for WaveDriver on sweep techniques

Fix hit-testing for traces on a plot

Fix experiment recovery issues including SPECE-specific

Fix CPU utilization constantly increasing during large experiments

1.4.7881 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 22 Mar 2016

Release Note

Fix step-experiment triggers (CSCA, CSCP) for WaveNow and WaveDriver

Fix experiment end conditions GUI

Fix LPR cell conditions on explicit terminate

Fix function boundary marking

Fix node dependency removal

Fix for spectroscopy “Discard Transmittance” checkbox initially showing up yellow

Fix area tool results for cathodic data

Fix spectrometer live idle display

Add iR compensation determination techniques (RUCI, RUPF)

Improve per-experiment CPU utilization

1.4.7760 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 26 Oct 2015

Release Notes

Add experiment end conditions for dual-electrode Bulk Electrolysis

Add options for discarding unwanted spectra

Add WaveDriver trigger on experiment execution

Restore iR compensation audit

Change default Avantes integration time

Improvements to LPR technique

Added X-Y transform

Added crash data recovery

Improved tool result display

Improved performance and memory usage

Fix segment information

Fix crosshair tool output when dragging with mouse

Fix RCE recovery

Fix reading future XML

1.3.7259 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 3 Apr 2015

Release Notes

    Fixes for Avantes spectrometer capabilities detection


1.3.7060 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 4 Dec 2014

Release Notes

Improvements to internal memory usage

1.3.6972 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 9 Oct 2014

Release Notes

Fix selection of the excitation filter on the WaveDriver 10 & 20

Fix live view for dual-electrode CV galvanostatic shielding and collection modes

Fix for step-triggers (used in CSCA & CSCP techniques) for WaveNow potentiostat (*requires firmware update to v1.1.114)

Fix for undismiss-able modal dialog when an error leads to user selecting “Abort” during data export

Fix data streams (missing names, cross-archive copy failure, create new plot contains multiple)

Fix for “phase delay conflict” message when starting slow-sweep experiments

Revert vs-t live display initial range to no more than 30 seconds

Revert to previous naming scheme for new archive objects

Improvements to stripping methods

Added PCI-6221 and PCI-6229 control of response filters on an AFCBP1 bipotentiostat

Added iR compensation to experiment setup parameters

Added initial support for spectroelectrochemistry

Added OCP measurement to dual-electrode CV (as “galvanostatic shielding” or “galvanostatic collection”)

Added initial support for experiment sequences

Added instrument and driver control (ignore specific instruments or drivers, assign instrument nicknames)

1.2.5968 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 4 Apr 2014

Release Notes

Fix peak height tool properties dialogs for epsilon > 100

Allow NI 625x cards to run up to the rated 1MS/s

1.2.5966 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 11 Nov 2013

Release Notes

Improvements to smoothing transforms

Revert to previous naming scheme for new archive objects

Fix WaveDriver K1/K2 rear-panel input controls

1.2.5876 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 30 Aug 2013

Release Notes

Extends multi-perform to CV and CRP methods.

Added an automatic archive-save-and-close to reduce memory requirements for long-term experiments

Fix for unexpected offsets at range limits on WaveDrivers with span DACs (>=rev2)

1.2.5658 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 7 May 2013

Release Notes

Fix WaveDriver CV experiment shows final erroneous data point

Fix WaveDriver number of points reported when step termination script elements fire

Fix WaveDriver display of initial idle conditions

Fix WaveDriver forced disconnect of second working electrode in idle state (incl post-experiment conditions)

Fix alpha phase delay timer to support the faster WaveDriver hardware clocks

Add WaveDriver 2MHz hardware clock for slower experiments

1.2.5589 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 16 Apr 2013

Release Notes

Improved WaveDriver autoranging

1.2.5479 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 12 Mar 2013

Release Notes

Fixed WaveDriver down-sampled clocks table (provides additional clocks to resolve some “Cannot render as specified” messages)

Added user option to discard the applied signal data (reduces size of experiment results data in archive files)

1.2.5367 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 2 Jan 2013

Release Notes

Added support for WaveDriver 10 potentiostats

1.2.5342 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 13 Dec 2012

Release Notes

Added support for WaveDriver potentiostats

Added expanded autoranging control for WaveXXXX potentiostats (was on|off, now none or up|down|both plus initial range)

1.2.5033 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 30 Jul 2012

Release Notes

Added support for FT232H USB chip to fix wireless USB throughput problems. Required for WaveNow, WaveNano, and WaveNowxvunits manufactured after the third quarter of 2012 (starting with serial numbers 3212xxx)

1.2.4843 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 2 Mar 2012

Release Notes

Fixed AFCBP1 bipotentiostat galvanostatic methods failure on 1/10/100mA range settings (“signal level too high”)

Fixed Plot axis label not saved when the units are scalar (user-defined axis labels lost trac# 581)

Fixed AFTPx long-term experiments (more than 40 days)

Added AFTPx calibration register reporting

Added ability to specify separator character for data export to CSV file

Added ability to optionally include segment markers for data export

Added experiment step end-triggers (for charge/discharge methods) [NOTE: firmware upgrade v1.1.103 or greater required for WaveNow/WaveNano/WaveNowxv, unsupported for AFCBP1 bipotentiostat

1.2.4532 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 22 Apr 2011

Release Notes

Fixed AFCBP1 current range settings for select National Instruments board models

Fixed slow USB link (wireless) causing loss of instrument control during experiments

1.2.4489 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 10 Feb 2011

Release Notes

Added Galvanostatic Staircase methods (requires new permissions key-file)

Added Cyclic Voltammetry dual-electrode diametric mode

Added multiple-perform button to selected experiments (linear sweep and cyclic step methods)

1.2.4361 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 13 Jan 2011

Release Notes

Fixed memory leak during archive file opening (for 1.2.4242 through 1.2.4422)

Fixed layout node corruption when moving to another archive

Fixed error when user presses “I Feel Lucky” button on CV setup with user-defined rotator iteration method

Fixed intermittent crash when many experiments (hundreds) are queued and user cancels all of them at once

Added signal-level termination conditions to cyclic step methods

1.2.4242 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 25 Aug 2010

Release Notes

Fixed incorrect number of samples on second step of double-step chronoamperometry and cyclic step experiments

Improved cyclic step experiments to support 2, 3, or 4 steps

1.2.4189 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 20 Aug 2010

Release Notes

Fixed out-of-memory exception while queuing many (>50) experiments

Fixed alpha drift problem on some AFCBP1 bipotentiostat systems (AO and AI sample clocks did not maintain timing relationship)

Fixed multiple-instance opening problems ( better enforcement of single instance )

Improved file drag-n-drop

Added permissions key-file file import

1.2.4054 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 5 Aug 2010

Release Notes

Fixed crash during PineChem data file import for international filenames

1.2.4053 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 23 Jun 2010

Release Notes

Reduced RAM needed for large archives

Added corrupted archive recovery

Added support for WaveNowXV

Added NIDAQmx driver support (for AFCBP1 bipotentiostat interface board on Windows 7/Vista/XP)

Added iterative pulse experiments (potentiostatic and galvanostatic)

Added export of experiment results to external file system

Added import for PineChem user-modified data

Fixed rotating experiments audit for WaveNowXV

Fixed firmware update utility for WaveNowXV

Fixed incorrect experiment start date on imported PineChem data

Removed dependencies on FTChipID.dll

1.2.3383 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 16 Sep 2009

Release Notes

Fixed truncation of “Most Recently Used” archive file names on homepage

Fixed incorrect RTF text rendering

Fixed installation for 64-bit XP/Vista/Windows7 and 32-bit Windows2000

Added user-defined option to stop all experiments immediately (without additional prompting)

Added per-electrode value readouts to the experiment real-time monitor

1.2.3239 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 16 Sep 2009

Release Notes

Fixed undefined sampling threshold when reading old-xml-format (pre-1.2.xxxx) CV experiments

Fixed crash that occurs when aborting an experiment after it has completed

1.2.3233 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 20 Mar 2009

Release Notes

Added software updates download feature

Improved axis auto-scaling on live experiment plot

1.2.3208 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 20 Feb 2009

Release Notes

Added full support for AFCBP1 and WaveNano potentiostats

Added RRDE and other dual electrode experiment methods

Added more options for rotator speed on Koutecky Levich method

Added file import for legacy PineChem setup and results files

Fixed clipping of traces by plot axis gridlines

Fixed mis-alignment of plot axis gridlines

Fixed axis inversion preferences for potential and current on y-axis

1.2.2792 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 5 Jan 2009

Release Notes

Added additional stripping voltammetry experiments

Added initial support for AFCBP1 hardware

Added data import feature

Fixed installer failure for CustomColorDialog.dll

Fixed incorrect units displayed on axis labels

Fixed minor miscellaneous issues with experiment setup dialogs

Fixed modality of custom color dialog

Fixed plot property dialogs behavior for cancellation after apply

1.1.2550 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 20 Aug 2008

Release Notes

Fixed problems with non-admin user accounts executing software that was installed by admin account

Fixed crash when displaying layout nodes with default page size

Added support for Microsoft Vista operating system

Added optional inversion of pulse direction for differential pulse voltammetry experiments

Added square wave stripping voltammetry experiment

Improved text and images copied to system clipboard

Improved printing support, including individual page settings for all printable nodes

Improved data stream selections (now sorted by stream priority)

Improved performance of on-screen rendering

1.0.2455 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 29 May 2008

Release Notes

A plot is now properly redrawn after a transform (such as a smoothing operation) is performed “in place” on a plot trace

1.0.2447 (32-bit, x86)

Released: 23 May 2008

Release Notes

Support for the Pine Research WaveNow USB Potentiostat

Extensive scientific plotting and analysis features

Support for over a dozen popular methods used in general electroanalytical chemistry

Beta Release

This release is still in testing and feedback stage and may result in unexpected behavior. Download and install with caution.

Other Downloads

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