Older ISA Slot Interface Boards

During the era when the ISA bus was the most popular expansion bus used in personal computers, the CBP bipotentiostat system used the AT-MIO-16E-10 board also offered by National Instruments. Prior to 1995 and before the era of Plug-n-Play computer peripherals, the much older AT-MIO-16H-9 board was used. Present day use of these boards is often not possible because modern computers no longer have ISA slots inside them.

Older versions of our PineChem software (running on older versions of Windows in older computers with an ISA bus) should still work with these two ISA boards.

Our newer AfterMath software will work the AT-MIO-16E-10 board on a Windows XP system as long as there are three DMA channels assigned to the board (click here for DMA details).

These older ISA boards are still available from Artisan Scientific (see links below):

Artisan Technology Part Number 55465 (National Instruments AT-MIO-16H-9)

Artisan Technology Part Number 55276 (National Instruments AT-MIO-16E-10)

Photo of the AT-MIO-16E-10 Interface Board
(sold with PineChem during the ISA slot era)

Photo of the AT-MIO-16H-9 Interface Board
(sold by Pine prior to 1995)

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