On occassion, it is necessary to provide the interface board serial number to Pine. The interface board serial number can be obtained using the PineChem software, the Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) utility, or the AfterMath Data Organizer software (see below).



Information about the interface board can be viewed using the “Instrument→Select Device” menu as shown below.

bipot_serial_pinechem_01.jpg bipot_serial_pinechem_02.jpg

PineChem CBPTEST Utilty

The “CBPTEST” application can be found in the Start » Programs » Pine » PineChem menu.


NIDAQ Device Driver

Use the “Measurement & Automation Explorer” tool. Note that the interface serial number is given in hex as shown in the screenshot below. (Click here for NIDAQ device driver installation instructions)



The interface board serial number appears in the lower-left pane and will also appear in two other places on the right pane once the instrument is selected in the lower-left pane.


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