Why does dual-electrode CV with an offset on E2 show the same potential for E1 and E2?
This FAQ applies to versions 1.2.3208 and greater.


The dual-electrode CV method (DECV) provides a “window mode” of operation where an offset potential may be used for the second working electrode. e.g. If E1 is sweeping 0mv-1000mV and the E2 offset is 100mV, then E2 will sweep 100mV-1100mV.

However, the “real-time” display of the experiment and the resulting CV plot seem to show E1 and E2 have the SAME potential. What is going on?


In both the “real-time” display and the final CV plot, the current from both channels (I1 and I2) is plotted versus E1 only. That is, E2 is *not* plotted versus I2. This is by design according to historical electrochemical convention.

In the “other plots” folder, the “Potential” plot shows the actual (and correct) potential was applied.