This article is part of the AfterMath Data Organizer User’s Guide

Designated Instruments

The AfterMath software is typically used in conjunction with one or more instruments manufactured by Pine. Your license to use AfterMath with these designated instruments is activated by placing one or more permissions files in the AfterMath folder on your hard drive.

Permissions files have the filename extension ”.papx” at the end of the filename.

In many cases, such as when you are installing AfterMath from a CD-ROM provided by Pine, the proper permission file(s) are automatically placed in the AfterMath folder during the installation procedure.

In some cases, the permissions file(s) may be sent to you by Pine in a different way (perhaps as an attachment to an e-mail message). In these cases, you must manually copy the files to the AfterMath folder.

The AfterMath Folder

The AfterMath software application is normally installed in the “Program Files” folder on your hard drive (see below). The “aftermath.exe” file located in this folder is the main AfterMath application.


The ”.papx” files appearing in this folder are the permissions files corresponding to your license to use AfterMath with designated instruments.

Obtaining a Permissions File

If you need a permissions file for your instrument, you will need to contact Pine Research Instrumentation. You will need to provide Pine with the model number, serial number and hardware ID number for the instrument you wish to license for use with AfterMath.

 Contact Pine Research Instrumentation