This article is part of the AfterMath Data Organizer User’s Guide

aftermath_item_rename.jpgEvery item in an archive has a name that is displayed both in the “tree control” and across the top of the Main Viewing Area (when the item is being viewed). You may give just about any name you wish to the various items in your archive; however, you may not use the exclamation point ”!” or the at sign ”@” in the name.

To rename an item in the archive, simply right-click on the item and a popup menu appears. Choose the “Rename” option from the popup menu, and then you will be able to edit the name of the item.

Note that all of the item names at a given level in the archive hierarchy must be unique. You cannot have several items with the same name residing in the same folder.

AfterMath is a Unicode enabled software application. This permits you to use the full international character set when naming items in the archive (see below).


In some cases, your ability to use international character sets will depend upon which international fonts, language support packs, and regional settings you have installed or chosen for your personal computer.