This article is part of the AfterMath Data Organizer User’s Guide

Archive Notes

All scientists need to write down notes as they are performing laboratory experiments. While most of these notes should eventually find their way into a traditional laboratory notebook, it is often helpful to add notes to computer-based data files as you are acquiring data from an instrument. AfterMath allows you to add one or more notes, like the one shown in the figure below, to any item in an archive. AfterMath notes support multiple fonts, styles, and colors and many text formatting options which are important to scientists, such as superscripts and subscripts.


Note Creation

A note may be attached to any item in the archive. Simply right-click on any existing item in the archive in the “tree control” on the left side of the screen (see figure below). When you right-click on the item, a popup menu appears. Select the “New » Note” option from the popup menu.


The action described above will attach a new note to the item you selected. Once the new note is created, you may edit it in the Main Viewing Area on the right side of the screen (see figure below).


Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete

Moving and Copying Notes

As is the case with most other items in an archive, a note may be moved, copied, or duplicated almost anywhere in the archive using standard cut, copy, and paste methods or using drag-n-drop mouse actions. You can also copy notes from one archive to another archive.

You may copy all or a portion of a note to the system clipboard and then paste that text into other applications.

Note Deletion

You may delete a note by simply selecting it in the “tree control” and pressing the “Delete” key on your computer's keyboard. You will receive one warning message before the note is deleted.

Pasting Text from Other Applications into a Note

You may copy text from another application to the system clipboard and then paste that text into a note. Some formatting in the original text may be lost, especially if you are copying text from a web browser. Also, any images embedded in the text will be removed.