The MSR rotator has a motor controller which is connected to the motor unit via a motor cable.

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HD-15 Connector

The motor cable for the AFMSRCE rotator utilizes a 15-pin cable with HD-15 connectors on each end. The pinout for this connector is explained in the table below:

pins description
1-4 Motor Supply (-)
6-9 Motor Supply (+)
11-12 Tachometer (+)
13-14 Tachometer (-)

Motor Control Cable Wiring

Earlier Cable Designs

Earlier versions of the MSR rotator (such as the AFMSRX and AFMSRXE) connected to a round black connector on top of the motor unit. There were a total of four pins in this connector. One pair of pins provided power to the motor, and the other pair of pins provided the rotation rate signal from the tachometer.

Round Connector Wiring Scheme
pin description wire color
1 Motor Supply (+) white
3 Motor Supply (-) green
9 Tachometer Signal (+) red
7 Tachometer Signal (-) black

Internal Wiring

If you remove the cowling from the motor unit and inspect the cables connected to the motor and tachometer, you will see four cables with different colors. The signals in each cable are described in the table below.

wire color description
green Motor Supply (-)
white Motor Supply (+)
red Tachometer (+)
black Tachometer (-)

Internal Motor Cable Wiring