EChem in a Box – Supplemental Educator Pack


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EChem in a Box is your cost-effective, easy-to-implement, and simplified way to incorporate experimental electrochemistry into your laboratory curriculum.  The EChem in a Box Standard Bundle includes sufficient supplies to perform the experiments found in Experimental Electrochemistry: an Introductions for Educators; however, some customers may have previously purchased products from Pine Research that are included in EChem in a Box.  This Supplemental Educator Pack was designed especially for those cases, where existing customers may wish to fully realize the unified solution to teaching experimental electrochemistry that is EChem in a Box.  The Supplemental Educator Pack is intended for the following:

  • To supplement previously purchased products from Pine Research
  • To distribute Experimental Electrochemistry: an Introduction for Educators content, including videos, to a wider audience
  • To introduce colleagues at different institutions to electrochemistry

Optional packs available include: Consumable Supply Pack, Core Products Pack, Supplemental Educator Pack, and Stirring Automation Pack.

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# Description Price in USD
EChem in a Box - Supplemental Educator Pack

EChem in a Box – Supplemental Educator Pack

EChem in a Box - Supplemental Educator Pack includes the items listed below

Compact Voltammetry Cell Starter Kit
includes 4 vials, cap, grip mount, cable, and screen-printed electrodes as follows: 20 carbon, 1 gold, and 1 platinum


EChem in a Box Media
includes the items listed below


Experimental Electrochemistry: an Introduction for Educators (book)
over 100 pages of background, electrochemical fundamentals, instrumentation and operation, laboratory exercises, and instructor resources

USB Flash Drive with Digital Media
includes Microsoft Word® editable versions of educational laboratory exercises and supplementary videos

Sometimes you need to think inside the box.

You spoke and we listened.  Teaching experimental electrochemistry can be a daunting challenge unless your faculty has a member who has had hands-on experience with electrochemical methods.  Despite the modern significance of electrochemistry, it may not be taught beyond simple balancing of redox reactions in general chemistry.  Or perhaps it is not as accessible as other common instrumental methods such as separations and spectroscopy.  Maybe the traditional approach to electrochemistry has left a bad taste in your mouth?  Perhaps it is just a segment of chemistry that has escaped you throughout your educational and laboratory experiences.  We have been approached by countless faculty seeking guidance on how to effectively teach experimental electrochemistry.  Educators have asked us for pedagogical wisdom, practical and timely applications, cost-effective instrumentation, and accessibility to electrochemistry for many years.  With the success of our low-cost yet highly powerful WaveNow potentiostat with AfterMath software, we have combined an array of our products and coupled them with a guide, written for educators, which contains fundamental concepts, specific electrochemical theory in an accessible manner, and practical laboratory exercises with instructor’s guides.  We believe that educators with sufficient chemistry and/or engineering backgrounds will find our compilation, called EChem in a Box, an answer to the question, “How do I integrate experimental electrochemistry into our curriculum when we do not have any electrochemists available?”  EChem in a Box is the solution.

Other types and quantities of screen-printed electrodes are available, as your needs require.  Review additional SPE options.

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