Carbon Screen-Printed Electrodes


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For use in aqueous solutions only.  Do not use with non-aqueous solvents.

These low-cost, screen-printed electrodes are suitable for use in the teaching laboratory or as a platform for biosensor research.  Fabricated using the same technology found in most blood glucose sensors, the electrode pattern includes a carbon working electrode, a carbon counter electrode, and a silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) reference electrode.

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# Description Price in USD
Working Electrode - 2 mm OD

Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
10-pack, 2 mm OD working electrode


Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
50-pack, 2 mm OD working electrode


Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
100-pack, 2 mm OD working electrode

Working Electrode - 4 x 5 mm

Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
10-pack, 4 x 5 mm working electrode


Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
50-pack, 4 x 5 mm working electrode


Screen-Printed Carbon Electrodes
100-pack, 4 x 5 mm working electrode

Complete Cell Kits

Compact Voltammetry Cell Kit
includes cell grip, cell cap, cell, starter pack of screen-printed electrode, generic mini-USB style to banana jack cell cable


Compact Voltammetry Cell - Low Volume Kit
for use with small quantities of enzymes or organometallic compounds

For use in aqueous solutions only.  Do not use with non-aqueous solvents.

These inexpensive screen-printed electrodes have a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate, carbon working and counter electrodes, and a silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) built-in reference electrode.  A blue insulating dielectric material is coated on the PET substrate around the electrodes, and all three electrodes are conveniently pinned out to interface with a custom grip mount without the need for banana plugs or alligator cables.  Pine Research offers a Compact Voltammetry Starter Kit for working with these screen-printed electrodes.  The design is based on a custom cap which fits onto disposable 20 mL scintillation vials and which permits easy mounting of the electrode using an edge card connector.

Since the carbon SPEs are thinner than the ceramic SPEs (0.36 mm vs 0.67 mm), one or more “spacers” are needed to mount the carbon SPE so that it can maintain a proper grip within the cell cap (spacers are included upon purchase). Like the SPCE, the spacers are composed of polyethylene terephthalate, an inert polymer, and it is approximately one-third the length of the SPCE. It is important to keep the spacer above the solution level, as solution contact will create solution buildup between the spacer and SPCE by capillary action, leading to a possible short of the electrode circuit and eventual corrosion of the grip.

The carbon working electrode comes in either a 2 mm OD circle or a 4 x 5 mm square pattern.  The carbon counter electrode is a large surface area “U”-shape, and the silver/silver chloride reference electrode is a small circle next to the working electrode.

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Product Information


Screen-Printed Electrodes Product Information
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Screen-Printed Electrode Brochure
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Educational Laboratory Applications of Screen-Printed Electrodes


Electrochemical Based Enzymatic Determination of Glucose in Beverages
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Electrochemical Analysis of Acetaminophen in a Common Pain Relief Medication
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Anodic Stripping Analysis Of Lead In Water Laboratory
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Exploring Faradays Law with Inexpensive Screen-Printed Electrodes
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