E5/E6 Series ChangeDisk Electrode Toolkit


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The E5TQ/E6R1 Series RDE/RRDE ChangeDisk Toolkit is an essential component of the electrode.  The toolkit makes disk insert installation, removal/ejection, and polishing possible.  While there is no physical way to load a disk insert into the electrode tip, this toolkit only makes physical contact with the very outer aspect of the disk insert.  Users that routinely modify the disk insert surface with material (e.g. catalysts, inks, polymers) have reported success in using this product, despite the contact the toolkit necessarily makes with the disk.  The exception to this success exists for very fragile/structurally unstable layers/materials on the disk surface, where the surface contact between disk and tool may be undesirable.  The toolkit also includes a PTFE polishing block, into which disk inserts can be installed and hand-polished.

Pine Research advises that this toolkit be purchased with E5TQ/E6R1 ChangeDisk electrodes.  Individual replacement parts are available.

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# Description Price in USD

Disk Ejection and Polishing Tools
for use with E5TQ and E6R1 ChangeDisk tips

tools for installing, removing, and polishing disk inserts

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