WaveDriver 10 Cell Cable


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This is a general purpose cell cable kit for use with the WaveDriver 10 potentiostat/galvanostat system.

The cable breaks out the five main electrode banana plug connections from the potentiostat's cell connector as follows:

  • RED - primary working electrode
  • ORANGE - primary working electrode sense
  • GREEN - counter electrode
  • WHITE - reference electrode
  • BLACK - DC Common (signal ground)

All electrode lines are shielded coaxial cables from the cell port connector out to the banana plug at the end of each cable.

A set of alligator clips which can slide on to the banana plugs is also included. 

This cable is not intended for use with a bipotentiostat. This cable is intended only for use with the WaveDriver 10 potentiostat and only has connections for one working electrode.

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# Description Price in USD
WaveDriver10 Cell Cable

WaveDriver 10 Cell Cable
D-Shell connector to 5 banana plug termination with alligator clip connectors

Optional Accessories

Alligator Clip
slides on to banana post to utilize electrode pin connectors

For typical three-electrode cell usage, the primary working electrode line (RED) is shorted with the primary working electrode sense line (ORANGE) and then these are connected to the working electrode.

When using this cable to make connections to a rotating disk electrode, plug the RED banana plug into one of the disk jacks on the rotator, and then plug the ORANGE banana plug into the other disk jack on the rotator.

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