E6 Series Internal Hardware


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This internal hardware kit includes the disk core nut, disk core washer, U-Cup nut, PTFE U-Cup, disk contact core, and the spring-loaded brass contact probe.  The entire set goes inside our E5 and E6 Series ChangeDisk RDE and RRDE tips.  Each of these parts may be ordered separately, or the entire kit can be ordered together.

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# Description Price in USD
Complete Kit

Internal Hardware Kit
complete replacement set for internal hardware which goes inside the ChangeDisk RDE/RRDE tip

U-Cup Replacements

PTFE U-Cup Replacement Kit
pack of three (3) standard U-Cups for use with 5.0-mm OD inserts

Individual Parts

Disk Core Nut
stainless steel nut with flats


Disk Core Washer
washer fabricated from PEEK


Disk Contact Core
steel shank with spring-loaded brass contact


U-Cup Nut
nut fabricated from PEEK

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