The WaveNow® Wireless Potentiostat/Galvanostat is a modern evolution of one of our best selling potentiostats, the WaveNow®.  How do you make something great even better?  Reduce the wire clutter!

Customers have enjoyed the small, compact, yet powerful WaveNow system for performing electrochemistry in many ways:  educational electrochemistry, research electrochemistry, and field-based electrochemistry.  Due to its small size and easy USB-interface, the WaveNow finds practical use in many applications.  Now, the engineering team at Pine Research stepped it up a level, making the WaveNow Wireless capable of communicating data via a wireless connection.  Imagine setting up your glovebox with an electrochemical setup, and not having to worry about binding posts, or other challenging, possibly noisy, and likely expensive cable feedthroughs.  Your imagination is now reality, with the WaveNow Wireless.  It is a full featured DC potentiostat, with iR compensation, overload LED indicator, wireless communicator dongle, and advanced current ranges as compared to the traditional WaveNow.  A license for AfterMath® instrument control and data analysis software is included with every system and unlike others, we do not restrict the installation of the software or charge for potentiostat control functionality.  You get software access to everything the WaveNow Wireless can do, included with initial purchase!

In 2020, the engineering team at Pine Research updated the very successful WaveNow, resulting in the WaveNow Wireless, in the following ways:

  • Added iR Compensation.  Now perform current interrupt and positive feedback iR compensation – something the WaveNow series never used to offer.
  • Added “Overload” Light.  Users have asked for an LED to indicate when the potentiostat has overloaded, i.e., surpassed current and/or voltage range, so there is a quick visual clue that the setup may have to be adjusted for better results.
  • Added wireless communication.  Wireless communication, between the WaveNow Wireless Potentiostat and a computer installed with the USB dongle receiver, makes many applications easier, namely working in a tight, enclosed, and/or airtight space (e.g., a glovebox).  Communication is now possible without depending on a USB feedthrough, an expensive and sometimes challenging addition to a glovebox.
  • Improved lower and higher current resolution.  The original WaveNow has an applied/measured current range of ±100 nA to ± 100 mA.  Now, we’ve improved both low current and high current resolution by offering an applied/measured current range of ±5 nA to ±150 mA.
  • Changed potentiostat housing.  The original WaveNow features a slick enclosure, but forces its use in one plane.  Now, the (slightly larger) housing for the WaveNow Wireless allows use in the vertical and horizontal orientations for easier accommodation in tight spaces.

Read all about the features and specifications of the WaveNow Wireless!

Available in November 2020!  Let us know you are interested and you will be on the list to receive a quote as soon as possible.