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WaveDriver Single Channel Potentiostat Cell Cable

Last Updated: 1/6/22 by Alex Peroff

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  1. WaveDriver Single Channel Potentiostat Cell Cable
    1. Color Description
    2. Cable Pinout

1WaveDriver Single Channel Potentiostat Cell Cable

The WaveDriver Single Channel Potentiostat Cell Cable (Pine Research part number ACP5E01) WaveDriver Potentiostat Cell Cable is used with the WaveDriver 100 WaveDriver 100 EIS Potentiostat/Galvanostat model.
Using this cell cable, connections can be made to simple two-terminal cells (such as batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, amperometry sensors, capacitors, resistors, and inductors), compact voltammetry cells, and traditional three-electrode voltammetry cells (including those which contain a rotating disk electrode or a rotating cylinder electrode).
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1.1Color Description

The WaveDriver Single Channel Potentiostat Cell Cable breaks out the instrument cell port connections to four shielded coaxial lines and one unshielded line (the GRAY instrument chassis line).  The shielded coaxial lines terminate in banana plugs that are designed to be stacked as needed and directly connected to electrodes.  Alligator clips that slide onto the banana plugs are included.  A tabular summary of the color code for these lines is provided (see Table 1).
Color Description ID Type
WHITE Reference Electrode REF Sense
GREEN Counter Electrode CTR Drive
GRAY Instrument Chassis Ground
RED Primary Working Electrode (K1) WK1 Drive
ORANGE Primary Working Electrode (K1) Sense
Table 1. WaveDriver Single Channel Potentiostat Cell Cable Color Description
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1.2Cable Pinout

NOTE: The high input impedance SENSE lines carry only very small currents during normal operation.  Each of these SENSE lines is terminated with a resistor embedded within the banana plug at the end of the cable.

Pin Signal Pin Signal
A1 Counter (CTR) 6 DC Common
A2 Unused 7 Cable Identification
A3 Unused 8
A4 Unused 9
A5 Reference Sense (REF) - includes terminating resistor 10
A6 Working Drive 11 Unused
A7 Working Sense - includes terminating resistor 12
1 Analog Ground 13
2 Unused 14
3 Chassis Connection 15
4 16
5 Unused 17
Figure 1. WaveDriver Single Channel Potentiostat Cell Port and Cell Cable Pinout
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