Proteus Series


The Proteus Series Cells are a new addition to the cells product line from Pine Research.  Named for the Greek god known for changing shape, the Proteus Series Cells are functional for both photoelectrochemical studies (by installing quartz/glass windows) and for corrosion analysis of flat samples (by installing flat coated or uncoated samples).

There are many ways to customize and adapt the Proteus Series Cells.  Should you be interested in a configuration you do not find, simply contact us and describe the needs you have.  We might be able to help.

For the same reason the Proteus Series Cells make excellent "flat cells" for the corrosion industry, so do they make ideal photoelectrochemical cells for catalysis and energy researchers.  Currently, the Alpha series is a large, heavy-duty cell whose cell can be changed out for different sizes, volumes, and features, such as water jacketed cells.  The Gamma series is a single-body, PTFE design that is resistant to alkaline solvents in a lower volume offering.  While the cost of the Gamma series is less than the Alpha, there is less flexibility.  Both cells have been well received by the community and can be customized to suit your needs.  Both Proteus Series Cells are well-suited to thin and planar samples without the need for expensive sample holders or custom electrodes. The Proteus Series cells are designed to be simple to use, quick to assemble/disassemble/clean, sturdy, flexible, and versatile.

In Greek mythology, Proteus is a god of rivers and oceanic bodies of water, known for changing his shape.  From his name comes the adjective protean, which connotes something that is "versatile" and "capable of assuming many forms."  Further, the adjective Protean is used to describe things that are flexible, versatile, and adaptable.  We could find no better name for this series of photoelectrochemical/corrosion cells, which are able to assume many forms to suit the needs of the researcher.

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