This FAQ applies to versions 1.0.2447 and greater.


AfterMath cannot perform any experiment because the “perform button” is greyed out

Possible cause

AfterMath did not find the permissions “license key file” that matches the serial number of the potentiostat.


When installing the software from the original CD or other media, a license key file that matches the serial number of the potentiostat should have been copied onto the system drive. When AfterMath does not find that license key file, the instrument cannot perform any experiments.

However, if the software was downloaded from the web site, there is no license key file. Therefore it must be copied from the installation media (or another computer where a working installation was previously done).

The name of the license key file contains the instrument or interface serial number and has the file extension ”.papx”. If no license key file can be found then contact Pine for assistance.

For USB-connected potentiostats (e.g WaveNow, WaveNano) the 7-digit serial number can be found on a label on the instrument itself. For PCI-connected potentiostats (e.g. AFCBP1 Bipotentiostat) the serial number of the PCI interface card is used and can be found using software as explained here.


Copy the license key file to the directory where the “AfterMath.exe” file is located. The default during installation would be something like “C:Program FilesPineAfterMath” but the user may have chosen another location. More information can be found here and here.

After copying the file, restart AfterMath, the perform button should be available.