The information provided herein aims to detail the basic steps needed to obtain and install AfterMath.

To ensure proper installation of AfterMath onto a computer system, the following steps should be taken:

    The final three steps involving licensing are not necessary if you will not be using AfterMath to control scientific instrumentation.

Obtaining the AfterMath Installation Package

You may obtain a copy of the AfterMath installation package in any of the following ways:

  • Purchase an instrument from Pine which is controlled using the AfterMath software. A copy of the installation CD-ROM or USB flash drive is shipped with each instrument.
  • Contact Pine for an installation CD-ROM containing the installation package.
  • Download the most recent version of the installation package from this web site.

If you obtain your copy of the AfterMath installation package by downloading it from this web site, then it will be in the form of a Microsoft Windows Installer "MSI" package.

AfterMath Installation

To install the AfterMath software, simply double-click on the MSI file that you downloaded from this site, or if you are using a CDROM to install the software, click on the “setup.exe” application found in the root directory of the CDROM.

Next, follow the on-screen directions displayed during the installation (click here for details)..

During the installation process, the AfterMath application is placed on your hard drive. In addition, one or more device drivers for specific instruments may be installed on your system.

If necessary, the installer may access the Microsoft web site to download and install the Microsoft .NET Platform on your computer. This step is skipped if the proper version of the Microsoft .NET platform is already present on your computer system.

IMPORTANT: When the installation process is complete, you may launch the AfterMath application to assure that it was installed properly. However, you should not be alarmed if no instruments appear during this initial use of the application. Instruments (such as the WaveNow USB Potentiostat) will not appear until you have installed and activated the device drivers for these instruments (see below).

Device Driver Installation and Activation

AfterMath is capable of controlling various instruments manufactured by Pine. If you purchase AfterMath with one of the following instruments, then the device driver will be present on the installation CD-ROM that came with your instrument.

To activate the device driver, your Windows system must “discover” the new instrument connected to your system.

For the Pine AFCBP1 Bipotentiostat, this discovery occurs when you turn off your computer, physically install the interface board, and then turn your computer on again.

For the Pine WaveDriver, WaveNow, and WaveNano instruments, this discovery occurs when you turn on the potentiostat and connect it to your system via a USB cable. You should force your system to discover these instruments at a time when you are not running the AfterMath application. When you plug in the potentiostat for the first time, you will see various messages from the Windows operating system indicating the discovery of new hardware. Once Windows completes the task of configuring this new hardware, then you can run the AfterMath application, and the instrument should appear in the lower-left corner of the AfterMath screen.

License Activation

The AfterMath software is typically used in conjunction with one or more instruments manufactured by Pine. Your license to use AfterMath with these designated instruments is activated when one or more permissions files are placed in the AfterMath folder on your hard drive. In most cases, the permission file(s) are automatically placed in the AfterMath folder during the installation procedure, but in some cases, you may need to install these files manually. Click here for more information about how to install these permissions files manually.