Rough Polishing Materials


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These abrasive grinding disks (73 mm OD, 600 grit) have a self-adhesive layer on back side to facilitate mounting on a polishing wheel or other sturdy surface.

These disks are suitable for rough polishing of an electrode surface that has been seriously damaged and must be completely repolished. This is a very time consuming process that begins with rough resurfacing using the abrasive grinding disk, followed by coarse polishing and then fine polishing.

DO NOT USE THESE DISKS FOR ROUTINE (DAILY) REPOLISHING OF AN ELECTRODE SURFACE. These abrasive disks should only be used when repairing an electrode that has been dropped or seriously scratched. It is a good idea to contact Pine Research before attempting to repair a seriously damaged electrode.

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Rough Grinding Disks

Abrasive Grinding Disk
600 grit, pack of 100 disks, 72 mm OD

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Pine Research Electrode Polishing Guide
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Grinding Disks

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