Complete Low Volume Alkaline Cell Kits


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The following cell kits provide you with everything you need to set up a traditional three-electrode voltammetry experiment.

Cell kit contains silver pseudo reference electrode, platinum counter electrode, working electrode of your choice, and cell cap kit with gas inlet/outlets.

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Complete Cell Kits

Low Volume Alkaline Cell Kit, GC Electrode
with glassy carbon working electrode


Low Volume Alkaline Cell Kit, Pt Electrode
with platinum working electrode


Low Volume Alkaline Cell Kit, Au Electrode
with gold working electrode

Low Volume Cap Kit

Low Volume Cell Series Cap Kit
includes top cap, bottom cap, fluoroelastomer O-rings, cap screws, PEEK plugs

These low volume alkaline cell kits provide everything needed to perform electrochemical experiments with alkaline-resistant equipment.  Each cell kit comes with a low volume alkaline cell made from PTFE, a cell cap kit, counter and reference electrodes, and gas purge/sparge accessories.  A single working electrode is included with each cell kit, and you may choose either glassy carbon, platinum, or gold as the electrode material.

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