Corrosion Cell for Standard Threaded Coupons


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Our large, 1 liter cell is designed for corrosion experiments and meets the requirements for many ASTM corrosion specifications.  The cell features a large 40/35 center neck opening which can accept a variety of metal corrosion sample mounts. The central sample holder accepts up to three 5-40 inner-threaded metal coupons for analysis.  A water jacket allows thermal control of cell contents.

This corrosion cell includes a reference electrode with Luggin tube, graphite counter electrode with isolation tube, digital thermometer with thermowell, dual gas inlet for purging/blanketing cell solution, and a condenser tube.

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Corrosion Cell

Standard Corrosion Cell Kit
kit includes jacketed cell, gas inlet tube, condenser, reference electrode, Luggin tube, graphite counter electrode, digital thermometer and thermowell, and pH sensor

specimen mounting kit is sold separately

Cell Kit includes the items listed below

Jacketed 1 Liter Corrosion Cell
40/35 center port with six 24/25 side ports; glassware only


Dual Gas Inlet with Fine Frit
fits 24/25 side port


coil type, 200 mm effective length, 24/40 joint


Silver Chloride Reference Electrode
with sleeve to fit a 14/20 joint


Luggin Tube
24/25 x 14/20 bushing, 12 mm ID tube, 1 mm ID tip


Digital Thermometer in Thermowell
includes PTFE adapter for 24/25 side port


pH Sensor
includes PTFE adapter for 24/25 side port


Graphite Counter Electrode
graphite rod mounted in fritted tube with 14/20 adapter

Recommended Accessories

Specimen Mounting Kit
fits into central port on corrosion cell; holds up to three cylindrical specimens.  Includes three 430 SS metal coupons.


Round Cell Clamp
round clamp for securing cell to a support rod or ring stand

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