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A specialty of Pine Research Instrumentation is custom glass and quartz. From a modified version of one of our existing cells (see: stock glass and stock quartz) to an entirely different project, Pine Research is here to help.

The general process for custom cells is as follows:

  1. Submit a sketch with nominal dimensions to our sales team.
  2. Sales will follow up with you to learn about expected applications, use conditions, and customer expectations. They will often try and combine stocked accessories, adapters, and electrodes to your cell to keep the cost low and turn around time reduced.
  3. Sales works with our in-house engineers to design, draw, and render an image of your proposed cell. They will send you an initial drawing/photo.
  4. Review the custom cell with sales and iteratively fine tune the design. When satisfied, sign the drawing and return to sales.
  5. Sales will send you a quotation and lead time.
  6. Order the cell. Construction does not begin until an order is received.

Check out some custom glass and quartz projects we have done.  The image gallery to the left is just a glimpse into what is possible. The high resolution images in the gallery are a sample of our design technology. You will receive such renderings after the design phase so you can actually view the custom product before buying. Why struggle to "make something work," when Pine Research can help you make exactly what you need?

Contact us for requests or if you have any questions regarding custom glassware.

To view pricing, you must create an account and login using the "ACCOUNT" menu above.

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