Gas-Purged Bearing Assembly


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This gas-purged bearing assembly is designed to fit snugly into the 24/25 center port found on most Pine Research electrochemical cells.  The bearing has a 15.0 mm ID hole through which a 15.0 mm OD shaft can be inserted down into the cell.

The bearing assembly also has a small port on the side so that the internal space within the bearing can be purged using a positive pressure of inert gas flowing into the port.  The tapered outer body of the bearing assembly is fabricated from chemically-resistant PEEK.  The bearing itself is ceramic and is also resistant to chemical attack.

Not all shafts will fit through this bearing assembly!  Only particular shafts with a precision-machined 15.0 mm OD will fit.  See list of compatible shafts in table below.

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# Description Price in USD
Bearing Assembly

Gas-purged Bearing Assembly
15.0 mm ID, fits the AFE6MB shaft within the 24/25 center joint

Compatible Shafts

RDE/RRDE Shaft for MSR Rotators
precision 15.0 mm OD PEEK shroud, stainless steel rod

for use with E5, E6, and E7 Series electrodes


Single RCE Shaft for MSR Rotators
precision 15.0 mm OD PEEK shroud, stainless steel rod for use with 15.0 mm OD cylinder inserts (sold separately)

Maximum rotation rate: 4000 RPM - never exceed maximum rotation rate when working with rotating electrodes.

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Gas-Purged Bearing Assembly Product Guide
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