RDE5 Analog Bipotentiostat


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This is a traditional "pure analog" bipotentiostat design that has been discontinued. Documentation and limited support are still available.

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One or Two Working Electrodes The AFRDE5 Bipotentiostat allows you to place one or two working electrodes into the same solution (along with the reference and counter electrodes.) You can use it with rotating ring-disk electrodes, interdigitized array electrodes, or other dual working electrode configurations. Of course, it can also be used with just one active working electrode for traditional rotating disk voltammetry, cyclic voltammetry, or electrolysis experiments. True Analog Sweep Generator An easy-to-use sweep generator provides a true analog sweep signal for experiments like cyclic voltammetry.. The sweep may be applied to either or both working electrodes. Independent Offset Voltages and External Signal Inputs The front panel offers an independently adjustable offset voltage for each working electrode. There is also a separate input for each electrode to allow voltage signals from external devices to be applied to the working electrodes. Internal Summing Circuitry The sweep generator output, offset voltage, and external signal input applied to a working electrode are summed and presented at a single front panel output for each electrode. Current-to-Voltage Conversion The current flowing at each working electrode is presented as a proportional voltage signal at separate front panel outputs. The voltage signal is appropriate for connection to a pen plotter, digital oscilloscope, or other recording device. Twenty settings are provided, ranging from 100 nA/V to 200 mA/V. Front Panel Digital Voltmeter Principle output signals may be monitored using a built-in 3.5 digit voltmeter. Three Electrode Galvanostat One of the working electrodes may be operated in galvanostat mode. This feature can be used for chronopotentiometry or controlled current depositions. Convenient Front Panel Connections Paired banana jacks provide quick connection to external devices, such as waveform generators, pen plotters, and digital oscillocopes. Overload Indicator A front panel LED warns when internal amplifiers are nearing saturation.

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