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The Compact Pine Rotator (CPR) has been discontinued. Existing owners can depend upon Pine Research to continue to offer electrode tips, spare parts, and technical support for this rotator.

New customers are encouraged to consider the WaveVortex 10 rotator as an alternative to the CPR rotator.

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Power Configuration

Compact Rotator (CPR)
120 VAC/60 Hz power configuration


Compact Rotator (CPR)
240 VAC/50 Hz power configuration

The CPR rotator has two different power configurations. Select the power configuration appropriate for your location.

Rotating disk electrode (RDE) and rotating cylinder electrode (RCE) tips for this rotator are sold separately.

The Compact Pine Rotator (CPR) integrates the motor controller unit, motor unit, and shaft into a single-piece rotator body. The built-in shaft is compatible with standard 12-mm OD rotating disk electrode (RDE) and rotating cylinder electrode (RCE) tips.

The CPR rotator features a solid-state controlled servo-system capable of rotating an electrode at rates between 100 and 8,000 RPM. The electrode rotation rate is set using a convenient digital push button pot located on the front panel of the control box. The actual rotation rate is calibrated to within 3% of the front panel setting.

The main body of the rotator is easily raised or lowered along a vertical support rod, making immersion or removal of the rotating electrode quick and easy. The base is made from a chemically resistant material.

A group of banana jacks on the back panel of the CPR rotator provide flexible control of the rotator motor. One jack is a voltage input that can be used to control the rotation rate of the electrode (4000 RPM per volt). Another jack is a voltage output signal that is proportional to the actual rotation rate (1000 RPM per volt). A third jack is a TTL signal input that can be used to turn the motor on or off. Other jacks provide a signal ground (DC common) and an earth ground (via the third prong on the power cord).

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CPR Rotator


AFCPRB/AFCPRBE Electrode Rotator User Guide
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