Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cells


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Our photoelectrochemical cell is designed to accommodate a wide variety of photo-anodes of different shapes and sizes.  The photo-anode is connected with an electrode holder with a removable clip.  14/20 ports are available for additional electrodes and purge ports for degassing or gas collection.

The Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell Kit is sold as a bundle which includes

  • 1 quartz cell
  • 1 large bore electrode adapter (55/50 joint)
  • 1 electrode holder
  • 5 photo-anode clips
  • 1 platinum coil counter electrode with isolation tube
  • gas sparging/purging accessories
  • 5 PTFE stoppers for 14/20 ports

See "Description" tab for additional information, including options for customization.

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Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell Kit

Quartz Single Chamber Photoelectrochemical Cell Kit

Reference electrodes sold separately!

The Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell Kit Includes the items listed below

Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell
footed 250 mL quartz cell with dual flat windows, five 14/20 side ports, and one 55/50 port


PTFE Electrode Holder Adapter, 55/50 to 24/40 Taper Ports
fitted with external O-ring, designed to hold a PTFE adapter and the electrode holder and fit into the 55/50 joint in the quartz cell


Utili-Shaft Style E Electrode Holder
7 mm OD, 150 mm (6") long, stainless steel electrode holder, includes metal and copper alligator clips

does not include o-ring


Alligator Clip - Copper
slides onto banana post to utilize electrode pin connectors

bundle includes five alligator clips


Standard Platinum Counter Electrode Kit
6.9 mm OD epoxy tube shroud, 150 mm long


PTFE Stopper (14/20 taper)
includes five stoppers for closing unused 14/20 ports


Dual Port Gas Inlet Accessory
for gas purging/sparging/blanketing in cell.  Use in conjunction with the single port and/or purge kit (60 mm long)


Single Port Gas Outlet Accessory
barbed 90-degree bend with a 14/20 ground glass joint


Purge Kit
1/4" tubing and a three way valve to connect to the gas sparge/purge/vent attachments

Reference Electrode (sold and shipped separately)
Reference Electrodes

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Solid Quartz. Our photoelectrochemical cell is made entirely of quartz with a footed base to rest on flat surfaces without the need for additional clamps. Visible and ultraviolet light can pass through either of the two large, flat windows of the cell.  Photoelectrochemical cells where only the windows are quartz can lead to stray absorbance of borosilicate from the rest of the cell, making measurements in the UV difficult.  Quartz is also popular for thermal stability as well as performing experiments in strong bases, where borosilicate would normally etch.

Photo-anode compatibility.  The large 55/50 port also a wide variety of photo-anodes of varying sizes to fit inside the cell, including silicon wafers.   Electrical contact to the photo-anode is achieved by connecting a banana cable to the end of the electrode handle. The handle fits into the the 55/50 adapter. The end of the electrode holder in the cell terminates with a conductive clip that holds the photo-anode.

Ports. A total of five 14/20 ports accept our counter electrode (often platinum coil), reference electrodes, and gas sparging/purging accessories.  The Quartz Photoelectrochemical Cell Kit is available as a bundle, which includes the quartz cell (250 mL), large bore electrode adapter (55/50 joint), electrode handle with photo-anode clips, platinum coil counter electrode with isolation tube, gas sparging/purging accessories, and 5 14/20 PTFE stoppers.

Customization. Our photoelectrochemical cell is very versatile and ideal for most photoelectrochemistry research.  At Pine Research we understand the need for specialization and custom glassware for your research needs. With little more than a sketch with dimensions, our team can custom design and build quartz cells for your specific photoelectrochemical needs.

Visit our “Custom Glassware and Quartz Gallery” section for more information on custom glassware.

Contact us with any questions or support requests by phone or e-mail.

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