WaveVortex 10 Maintenance Toolkit


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Pine Research has heard from many customers that they prefer instrumentation that does not much maintenance and rarely requires repair.  When developing the WaveVortex 10 electrode rotator, these preferences were central to the design process.  The rotator was originally conceived as a a system designed for simple, turnkey use that would not much (if any) changing of parts.  For example, the WaveVortex 10 was designed such that the shaft is permanently mounted in the motor.  Unlike our other rotators, this can be a great advantage to users.  Still, some users will want to have the flexibility to perform some maintenance and repairs on their own.  To do so, the WaveVortex 10 Maintenance Toolkit will aid the user in properly accessing parts of the system during repair and maintenance.  This maintenance kit is not included with the purchase of a WaveVortex 10.

This kit is optional.  It contains all the required hex drivers and screwdrivers required for maintenance and repair.

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# Description Price in USD

WaveVortex 10 Maintenance Toolkit
contains hex drivers and screwdrivers to repair/maintain system

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