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Inside the study folder Study created after an experiment finishes lives a non-editable copy of the results and specification Specification called an experiment node.  See Figure 1 for an example of an experiment node.
AfterMath Example Experiment Node

Figure 1. AfterMath Example Experiment Node

Critical information related to the experiment is displayed in the main window when the experiment node is selected, including the timestamp, version of AfterMath used, instrument details (if available or applicable), and any additional warning messages.  In the example shown in Figure 1, the user terminated the experiment before it completed on its own, so an appropriate error message appears to inform that the data is incomplete.
There are two nodes underneath the primary experiment node: results and specification.  These are read-only records of the experiment and cannot be edited in any way.  The records node is tabular data Tabular Data that can either be directly copied and pasted into another analysis/plotting software, or used to make a plot directly in AfterMath by clicking the "Create Plot" to the right of the results drop-down (see Figure 2).
AfterMath Example Experiment Node - Results

Figure 2. AfterMath Example Experiment Node - Results

The specification node is similarly read-only, and all parameters, as well as the Perform button, are grayed out and inaccessible (see Figure 3).  However, if the user wishes to perform exactly the same experiment again, the "Create copy" button at the top can be clicked to duplicate the specification into an editable copy.
AfterMath Example Experiment Node - Specification

Figure 3. AfterMath Example Experiment Node - Specification

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