WaveDriver 10 Potentiostat Basic Bundle


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The WaveDriver 10 Potentiostat/Galvanostat System is a cost-effective, yet powerful and versatile, benchtop instrument whose value cannot be beaten.  With a modest form factor and convenient USB interface, the WaveDriver 10 packs a punch with iR compensation, ability to form over 38 different electrochemical techniques, and controlled through AfterMathTM Data Organizer software.  The WaveDriver 10 finds its place in the potentiostat market as an all-purpose, DC, single channel potentiostat for academic and industrial research.  It is also cost-effective enough for use in academic teaching laboratories.  This bundle may be a good choice for you if:

  • Require a robust general-purpose potentiostat system for teaching and/or research
  • Have a limited budget and wish to maximize your potentiostat value
  • Already have electrodes and cells to connect to the WaveDriver 10

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The WaveDriver 10 Potentiostat Basic Bundle includes potentiostat, software, and cables.

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Potentiostat Bundle

WaveDriver 10 Basic Bundle

WaveDriver 10 Basic Bundle includes the items listed below

WaveDriver 10 Potentiostat/Galvanostat
includes power adapter and USB cable

power cord sold separately


click here for AfterMath software information


WaveDriver 10 Cell Cable
D-Shell connector to 5 banana plug termination with alligator clip connectors

Potentiostat Power Cord Sold Separately
Power Cords

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Optional Accessories

MSR Rotation Rate Control Cable
links MSR control unit to potentiostat for AfterMath control of rotation rate

This item includes only the cable. A Rotating Methods AfterMath license is also required and is sold separately.


Compact Voltammetry Cell Starter Kit
includes 4 vials, cap, grip mount, cable, and screen-printed electrodes as follows: 20 carbon, 1 gold, and 1 platinum


WaveDriver USB-Style Termination Cell Cable
links cell cable to Compact Voltammetry Cell Kit grip


WaveDriver USB-Style Termination Cell Cable with Reference Breakout
links cell cable to Compact Voltammetry Cell Kit grip or Honeycomb Spectroelectrochemical electrode, with reference lead separated from counter and working leads

The WaveDriver 10  requires a power cable.  Specify the appropriate power cord style during order.  Pine Research offers a wide variety of plug styles.

The WaveDriver 10 is an affordable benchtop potentiostat/galvanostat system capable of performing a wide variety of traditional single working electrode methods.  The WaveDriver 10 is a robust single channel potentiostat, with an impressive current range from ±100 nA up to ±1 A, advanced input, output, and waveform filters, and  iR compensation.  The WaveDriver 10 connects to your laptop or PC via a standard USB cable and is controlled by our power AfterMathTM Data Organizer software application.  Rear panel connections allow rotation rate control when using rotating disk, cylinder, or ring-disk electrodes.  Additional connections for analog input/output and synchronized timing permit the WaveDriver to be used in conjunction with other instruments.

Affordable.  Take a look around at similar potentiostat/galvanostat systems and you will have a difficult time finding one with comparable specs and capabilities at the same modest price point.  Pine Research strives to bring you cost-effective electrochemical instrumentation.  The WaveDriver 10 also includes a four option dummy cell for calibration checking and instrument function testing, at no additional cost.

Versatile.  Capable of performing up to 38 different techniques, the WaveDriver 10 is an all-around performer.  It finds used in academic and industrial research around the world.  Unlike many of its peers, the WaveDriver 10 was built to perform a little bit of everything and without added cost of different software “upgrades.”

Capable. Designed with the everyday user in mind, the specifications for the WaveDriver 10 potentiostat is broad enough to permit you to perform a wide range of routine electrochemical techniques but also prudently chosen to allow for a simple and affordable design. Popular and common techniques such as cyclic voltammetry, bulk electrolysis, differential pulse voltammetry, square wave and pulse voltammetry, battery charge/discharge sequences, corrosion-based analysis such as linear polarization resistance, chronoamperometry, and chronopotentiometry are easily configured and executed using our AfterMath software package.

Visit our YouTube channel for helpful instructional videos regarding the use and maintenance of this and many other Pine Research products.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
WaveDriver 10 DC Potentiostat

Working Electrode Channels


Measured Current Ranges

±1 A, ±100 mA, ±10 mA, ±1 mA, ±100 μA, ±10 μA, ±1 μA, ±100 nA



Practical Current Range

100 pA to 1.0 A

ADC Input

16 bits

Compliance Voltage

± 16.5 V

Measured Potential Ranges

±10.0 V, ±2.5 V

CV Sweep Rate (min)

10 μV/s (313 μV step per 31.3 s or 78 μV per 7.8 s)

CV Sweep Rate (max)

125 V/s (10 mV step per 1.0 ms)

Point Interval

80 μs (minimum)

EIS Capable


EIS Frequency Range


Instrument Dimensions

160 × 324 × 255 mm
(6.3 × 12.75 × 10.0 in)

Instrument Weight

3.6 kg (8 lb)



Wireless Capable


Additional Specifications

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Document # Title
WaveDriver 10 Potentiostat


WaveDriver 10 User Guide
click here to download (4 MB download)


WaveDriver Brochure
click here to download (964 KB download)


Controlling a Pine Research Rotator with a Pine Research Potentiostat
click here to download (370 KB download)

Below are selected product references:

WaveDriver 10 DC Potentiostat [AFP1]
Screen-Printed Electrode Cell Starter Kit [AKSPEKIT]
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