E5 High Temperature RDE Tip, Glassy Carbon

E5 High Temperature RDE Tip, Glassy Carbon

Rotating Disk Electrodes (RDE)

You’ll enjoy flexibility with our interchangeable rotating disk electrode that permits the same RDE tip to be used repeatedly with different disk samples. Standard rotating disk electrode inserts are available in gold, platinum, glassy carbon, and other materials upon request.

E6 Series RRDE Tip, Platinum Ring with Glassy Carbon Disk

E6 Series RRDE Tip, Platinum Ring with Glassy Carbon Disk

Rotating Ring-Disk Electrodes (RRDE)

A customer favorite!  This Rotating Ring Disk Electrode design allows the use of the same ring assembly with as many different disk inserts as desired. The E6 Series is Pine Research’s latest line of interchangeable disk Rotating Ring Disk tips.

E9 Series RCE Electrode

E9 Series RCE Electro

Rotating Cylinder Electrodes (RCE)

Pine’s rotating cylinder electrode designs allow the mounting of cylinder inserts fabricated from various metals (typically carbon or stainless steel) to study the rate of corrosion under high velocity (high shear, turbulent) flow conditions. These electrodes are primarily used in the oilfield corrosion testing industry to assess the rate of pipeline corrosion in the presence of various corrosion inhibitors.



E1X Series Working Electrode, shown as Gold, Kel-F Shroud.

Standard Length (E1X)

Designed for routine use as (non-rotating) working electrodes, these robust electrodes are made with the same high quality workmanship as our popular line of rotating disk electrodes. These electrodes are narrow enough to fit down through a #7 threaded port on our standard electrochemical cells. An optional adapter for mounting these electrodes in a 14/20 side port is available separately. The red connector on top of the shaft accepts a standard banana connector to ease connecting the electrode to your potentiostat.


E1B Series Stationary Working Electrodes, shown in Gold, Glassy Carbon, and Platinum

LowProfile (E1B)

General purpose, stationary, low-cost working electrodes. The Electrode shroud is chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE, Trademark name Kel-F) which exhibits acceptable tolerance in a wide range of aqueous and non-aqueous solvents. Connection made to potentiostat via a 1.5 mm OD gold-plated contact pin. Shroud is 75 mm in length and 6.4 mm OD. These electrodes are ideal for Pine’s LowVolume series cells.  Each electrode is inspected, tested, factory polished to a mirror polish condition, and serialized. A test curve is included with each electrode.  The economy Low Profile working electrodes are available in three materials: Glassy Carbon (3 mm OD), Gold (1.6 mm OD), and Platinum (1.6 mm OD).