MACTLAC 2018 conference held at Monmouth College. Pine Research display visible in the background.

Pine Research values the significant contributions made by the electrochemical community.  Whether it be advances in battery materials and technology, more efficient and environmentally friendly electrocatalyst development, or better-performing biosensors, we realize that through your research, our world becomes better understood and more capable.  As a company, we incorporate your feedback into the development of all of our products.  Our potentiostats, electrode rotators, neurochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry, and photoelectrochemistry products are customer-inspired.

We have dedicated an annual budget for the sponsorship of events and programming focused on electrochemistry.  In general, the funds available for sponsorship are on a first come, first served basis.  Sponsorship funds are highly competitive.

When evaluating sponsorship/support applications, our team focuses intently on the following topics:

  • What is the estimated size of the audience who will benefit from sponsorship?
  • How diverse is the audience, and at the same time, how connected to the electrochemical community is the audience?  Is the event local, national, or international?
  • In what ways will our sponsorship be made known to the conference, organizers, and attendees?  In particular, while a logo on a slide or poster is a classic way of acknowledging supporters, we value deeper and more developed ways in which the sponsorship is made known.  For example, instrumentation demos and displays, prominent verbal representations, and greater visual impacts across media are exciting prospects.
  • For symposia or other related conference sessions, are the presenters actively using Pine Research Instrumentation products in their research?  There are several vendors for electrochemical instrumentation, and research groups tend to gravitate towards one specific brand.  Our sponsorship is intended to support the community at large with special interest towards those that routinely use our products to accomplish their research goals.
  • Has Pine Research Instrumentation sponsored this same event in the past?  If so, how were the funds used (in general)?

Funding is limited and highly competitive.  We cannot fund all applications.  We routinely receive far more funding requests than our budget allows.  Pine Research Instrumentation reserves the right to give preference to organizations/events that have not been previously funded.

All sponsorship requests must be submitted through the sponsorship form below.  We will not accept email applications or requests.  We are currently only accepting applications for events occurring in 2019.

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Sponsorship and Support Application

This form is to collect funding request information. The information provided in this form will be shared with the sponsorships team at Pine Research, for evaluation of possible funding.

  • Contact Information

  • University, College, Company, etc.
  • Event Details

  • For example, if this funding request is for support of a conference symposia, state the conference name and symposia title. If this funding request is for other kinds of support, please provide a descriptive title.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please provide city, state (province), and country.
  • Estimate the number of people reached through this support or sponsorship. If it is for a conference symposia, estimate the symposia attendance (not total conference attendance). For other events, state the number invited.
  • Please address the topics listed above. Provide details about your event and explain why sponsorship is needed. Discuss anticipated outcomes of this event. Provide any additional information you want to be considered in your application, not requested elsewhere.
  • Pine Research typically funds between $250 and $500.
  • Please describe how you anticipate using sponsorship funds? For example: invited speaker travel expenses, food and beverage, honoraria, etc.
  • Please describe the Pine Research products used by those invited/attending your event. For example, for a symposium, have your invitees published research using our products? Please describe.
  • Please describe the methods that will be used to bring attention to Pine Research Instrumentation as an event sponsor. Be as specific as possible. We especially value unique methods beyond a logo in a program or on a presentation slide.
  • Answer yes if you have requested funds for a different symposium at a different conference and were funded.
  • Please list other secured and potential sponsors from whom you are requesting support. Indicate whether funded (and indicate amount) or requested, the organization name. If none, enter "N/A."
  • Upload any additional supporting material (e.g. officiall letter, sponsorship documentation, etc.) you have. Please do not duplicate content from the fields already requested, above.
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