Monthly Archives: May, 2016

  • Pine Research Activities at 229th ECS Meeting – San Diego, CA

    Check out everything Pine Research has going on at this meeting.
    Do not miss out!  See all the events below!

    Pine Research plans to be exceptionally busy with activities this year at the 229th ECS Meeting in San Diego, CA.  We look forward to interacting with our customers, friends, and colleagues during several exciting events.  Make sure to participate in as many as possible.

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  • Dr. Reducks and the Chemists – 50 States Tour!

    50States_spalsh1Dr. Reducks and the Chemists will be visiting all fifty states in the USA this year. He will be reaching out to the electrochemically-minded folks across the country to check in on their research, how Pine Research products are working for them, and to ensure they have the Pine Research Instrumentation that is needed.  Check his tour schedule below.

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  • RRDE Semicentennial Celebration – 50 Years of RRDE

    Celebration of RRDE History at 2016 ECS Meeting in San Diego, CA

    Pine Research Instrumentation has a richly deep history with the Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode (RRDE).  As the company was designing a rotator that would spin electrodes, notable scientists including Dr. John Albery FRS, Dr. Stanley Bruckenstein, Dr. Dennis Johnson and Dr. Duane Napp were solving fairly complex differential equations that defined the physical responses of RRDE.  This team worked to find solutions for collection efficiency, ECE reactions, coupled reactions, and even more complicated systems that would be published in a series, starting in 1966.  Soon thereafter, Pine [Instrument Company] designed and produced the first commercially-available electrode rotators and RRDEs to equip the emerging community of electrochemical scientists.

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