Advertisement from Winter 2018 Edition of the ECS Interface magazine


We hope that you enjoy a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family!

Perhaps you are reading this post because you saw our ad in the Winter 2018 edition of the ECS Interface magazine.  As 2018 comes to a close, Pine Research is excited to offer the one-stop solution for your rotating electroanalytical applications like oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalyst screening.  We launched the WaveDriver 200 Integrated Bipotentiostat with EIS in 2018, bringing Pine Research up to date with modern electroanalytical instrumentation and it pairs perfectly with the WaveVortex 10 Electrode Rotator, launched in 2017.

The Perfect Pair: WaveVortex 10 and the WaveDriver 200

The Perfect Pair for electroanalytical research: The WaveVortex 10 Rotator and the WaveDriver 200 Integrated Bipotentiostat with EIS

Paired together, these instruments provide an excellent foundation on which electroanalytical research is built.  The Perfect Pair, together with AfterMath software (whose EIS fitting tools include Circuit Sliders – a revolutionary way to visualize EIS circuit fit data) provides a uniform platform for your electroanalytical research.  The electrochemical scientists at Pine Research are eager to chat with you and learn about your latest discoveries.  Where is your research headed, and how can our products better support you?  What problems do you face in the lab, and how can we help?  Let us know!

In the Winter 2018 Winter edition of the ECS Interface magazine, we submitted a fun ad based on our perfect pair.  Some of you may have scratched your head and wondered what we were thinking!  What do cheese and wine have to do with electrodes and rotators?  Well just like the Pine Research Perfect Pair, can you make sense of all the other pairs in the ad?  Here are the answers, have fun!

Let’s start with some classic famous pairs…

Nothing is more perfect than keeping your toes warm, with this pair of socks.
Need a little spice in your life?  Don’t forget the salt and pepper.
Do you remember these characters from the classic 1950’s claymation series?  It’s Gumby and Pokey!
Not everyone at Pine Research loves them, but peas and carrots are a famous vegetable pair.
We did not study the origin of this famous sandwich, featuring peanut butter and jelly, so it might just be an American thing.
Perfect Pair Batman and Robin DC Comics classic duo, Batman and Robin.  POW!
In addition to socks, what else could your feet possibly need?  A pair of shoes, of course!
Some say brie pairs wonderfully with a nice Merlot.  In any case, wine and cheese can be a dynamic duo.
While most of us at Pine Research would rather pair our sweets with coffee, cookies and milk are a classic couple (at least from childhood).
As we have gotten older, perhaps the value of cookies and milk becomes less important than dollars and cents

And end with some real PUNishment…

Pine Research created quite the research paradox (pair of ducks) when they introduced Dr. Reducks and his Post-Duck to the electrochemical community…
Why are these US coins (dimes, $0.10) special and what do they have to do with pairs?  Obviously, we were trying to introduce new paradigms (pair of dimes) to our readers…
Think hard chemists!  You might have to reach back to General Chemistry to remember that water is so special due to its lone pairs.
This pair of birds might be pets in your house.  Indeed, these parakeets (pair of “keets”) are quite cute.
We all long for Holiday – where you might just be able to relax and enjoy a little piece of paradise (pair of dice) for a few days…
This one was just too punny to pass up – but you might have to use a bit of an Italian accent to fully appreciate this pair of Caesars (pair of scissors).

We hope you enjoyed this little bit of fun!