Last Update: 8/25/22

To our valued customers:

We would like to inform you of some significant delays in some of our products due to the ongoing significant disruption in the global supply chain.  While the news helps us better understand that electrical components are highly affected at present, the delays and types of products affected are deeper are more far-reaching than that.  We are now experiencing exceedingly long lead times, backorders, shipping delays, and other supply-chain related delays that are impacting some of our products, including:

Our staff and network of vendors and suppliers are all working diligently to respond to the supply-chain disruptions; however, these disruptions are worldwide affecting many different industries and markets.

Effective immediately, we have suspended online sales of the affected products.  Further, for customers placing orders with us on the phone (by credit card or purchase order), we will advise you of parts on your orders that will be affected and can offer you two solutions:

  • Remove the supply-chain delayed item from your order entirely.
  • Keep the supply-chain delayed item on your order, understanding that we are not confident on any estimated shipping date we provide to you.  We will always provide you with the best estimate possible, but these dates have often been delayed several times.  Therefore, we would require that any affected items be split-shipped (at your expense) such that you can receive non-affected items as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.  We are all doing everything we can to mitigate these delays and appreciate your understanding.

Pine Research Sales Team