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  • Hashemi Lab Award-Winning Research Honored at Pittcon

    Hashemi Research Laboratory Members

    According to the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, translation is the process of turning observations in the laboratory, clinic, and community into interventions that improve the health of individuals and the public — from diagnostics and therapeutics to medical procedures and behavioral changes1.  Some of the most successful translational science has stemmed from multi-disciplinary research collaborations.  Consider sensor technology, which draws from the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, materials science, medicine, public health, engineering, environmental science, and more.  Researchers often employ electrochemistry in their sensor design due to the analytical strength and sensitivity of electrochemical measurements.  The exciting research from the Parry Hashemi lab at the University of South Carolina provides an excellent example of translational science at work.

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  • Pine Research Highlights New Rotator at Center for Electrochemistry (CEC) Workshop

    Every year, hundreds of researchers gather at the campus of University of Texas at Austin in a two-day symposium, known as CEC (Center for Electrochemistry) Workshop.  These researchers are passionate about electrochemistry and its many areas of applications: for example, chemical sensors, batteries, photosynthesis, corrosion, catalysis, electroplating, and environment.

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  • Why use “Wave” in electrochemical instrumentation names?

    Pine Research - Catch the Wave advertisement showing the progression of products, starting with the WaveNow.

    What is in a name?  The word wave evokes stimulating visions of rushing water, powerful energy, and sheer beauty.  A wave can also refer to a new social or technology trend.  To a scientist, a wave might bring back memories from physics, learning about electromagnetic waves or understanding trigonometric functions.  At Pine Research Instrumentation, a wave means all that and more.

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